Why It Matters

Health of Atlanta citizens

Urban agriculture has many proven benefits. It is a game changer to address poor health outcomes increasingly evident throughout Atlanta. Diet-related diseases caused by lack of fresh fruits and vegetables are becoming the norm, rather than the exception. In fact, Georgia ranks 2nd in the nation in childhood obesity rates, while only 13% of adults and 8% of children in Georgia consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day. As the population center of the state, Atlanta is in a unique position to create a new paradigm. Urban agriculture will help Atlanta families make the healthy choice the easy choice by increasing access to fresh food.

Opportunity in our neighborhoods

Urban agriculture represents unique job development opportunities – directly in our neighborhoods. The foremost urban ag operation in Atlanta employs 35 people. The national urban ag leader, Growing Power in Milwaukee, employs over 100. Let’s give our kids and residents opportunity to innovate and become microentrepreneurs in their own right.

Innovation in greenspace use and protection

Urban agriculture also represents an innovative and productive approach to greenspace development and protection. Transforming vacant lots and blighted parcels of land into lush gardens and farms could change the face of the city and create spaces where residents will gather and connect.