The Idea

Atlanta updated its zoning code in June 2014 to support the growth of urban farms and community gardens as a dynamic asset to our community.

Atlanta is now positioned to be a national leader in urban agriculture, and the urban ag zoning ordinance is the first step of many that enables and enhances urban agriculture projects, such as community gardens and farms, so they can thrive throughout our City.

By enacting an urban agriculture zoning ordinance:

  • Urban agriculture operations can apply for small business loans;
  • Urban farmers can apply for a business license;
  • Farmers and community gardeners can enter into legal land lease agreements;
  • And, most importantly, its a permissive use of land, protecting it from public challenge.

A group of urban farmers, community gardeners, health professionals and community development organizations worked to develop the Go Grow Atlanta legislation, focused on amending Atlanta’s zoning law to support and promote urban agriculture.

Great work is already happening on the ground throughout Atlanta, and now we have a zoning code that clearly allows urban agriculture to help it continue to thrive!