On June 11, 2014 the City of Atlanta adopted one of the most progressive urban agriculture (UA) zoning ordinances in the country.  The past four years held many challenges but we overcame them together,  thanks to the support of a resilient  and dedicated Atlanta community.

The passage of the UA zoning ordinance was an important first step toward securing the future of Atlanta’s food system, but there’s still more work to be done!

To fully realize the UA zoning ordinance we need Atlanta residents to support the passage of the “SAP Fee Paper in their respective NPU meetings.  The Fee Paper is the companion legislation to the UA Ordinance which reduces a one-time Special Administrative Permit (SAP) application fee to $30 (from $250).  The SAP will only apply to a small subset of urban gardens.

As a reminder,  the SAP will only apply to a select number of urban gardens in the City of Atlanta, specifically urban gardens where the garden is the principal use of land in a residential zone (with no structure on the land) .  If you have questions or concerns about an urban garden and its principal use please email info@atlantalocalfood.org for further assistance.

Details of the ordinance

  • The full text of the UA zoning ordinance is available HERE.
  • UA Fee Paper Fact Sheet is available HERE.
  • The full text of the Fee Paper amendment is available HERE.
  • NPU Meeting Schedules for July and August are HERE.
  • NPU location and contact information is available HERE.
  • Download ALFI’s Content Directory for subject specialists to answer your questions HERE.





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  1. I wish you would add backyard chickens to this. I build chicken coops for a living, and help raise the chickens of others urban farmers, but I live in Dekalb county where it’s illegal to have my own…

    • jennifer says:

      Adam, please see the Question page – poultry is already permitted in Atlanta, and you can find the exact reference on our Questions page.