Atlanta is on the cusp of being a national leader for urban agriculture.

Atlanta urban agriculture press conference is scheduled for June 10th! 

Here’s how you can help:


Mayor Kasim Reed is anticipated to sign the zoning amendment into action on or by June 10! Join members of the Atlanta Local Food Initiative coalition and city officials to celebrate this important first step in enhancing urban agriculture and explain the legislation at Truly Living Well’s Wheat Street Garden, a four-acre urban farm in the heart of Atlanta.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 @ 10am
Truly Living Well
75 Hilliard St. SE
Atlanta, GA 30312


*Note the Atlanta Zoning Review Board, the City Council, and individual NPUs voted to support the ordinance! The details of the NPU meeting process votes are below in case you’re curious (84% of the NPUs voted to support the urban ag amendment, and none voted not to support the ordinance).

NPU Date&Time Location Chair General schedule
A Voted to support on Apr.1 Atlanta Speech School 3160
Northside Parkway Atlanta GA 30327
W. Brinkley Dickerson Jr
First Tuesday
7:00 pm
B Voted to support on Apr.1 Cathedral of St. Phillip
2744 Peachtree Road Atlanta GA 30305
Andrea Bennett
First Tuesday
7:00 pm
C Atlanta Zoning Review Board voted
to support before meeting
Trinity Presbyterian Church
3003 Howell Mill Road Atlanta GA 30327
Michael Swick
First Tuesday
7:00 pm
D Voted to support on Mar.25 Agape Community Center
2351 Bolton Road
Atlanta GA 30318
Jim Martin
Fourth Tuesday
7:30 pm
E Voted to support on Apr.1 Peachtree Christian Church
1580 Peachtree Street
Atlanta GA 30309
Penelope Cheroff
First Tuesday
6:30 pm
F Voted to support on Apr.21 Hillside Facility
1301 Monroe Drive NE
Atlanta GA 30306
Jane Rawlings
Third Monday
7:00 pm
G Voted to support on Apr.17 Fire Station #28
1925 Hollywood Road NW
Atlanta GA 30318
Ola Reynolds
Third Thursday
7:00 pm
H Voted to support on Apr.3 Harriet Darnell Senior Center
677 Fairburn Road NW
Atlanta GA 30331
Kathy Crawford
First Thursday
7:00 pm
I ZRB voted to support before meeting Adamsville Natatorium
3201 M.L. King Jr Drive
Atlanta GA 30331
Sharyl Chatman
Third Wednesday
7:00 pm
J Voted to support on Mar.25 Atlanta Job Corps
239 W. Lake Drive NW
Atlanta GA 30314
Ron Hewitt
Fourth Tuesday
7:00 pm
K Voted to support on Apr.15 C.A. Scott Recreation Center
1565 M.L. King Jr. Drive
Atlanta GA 30314
Roy Davis
Third Tuesday
6:30 pm
L Voted to support on Apr.8 Location Varies: Contact Chair Yvonne Jones
Second Tuesday
7:00 pm
M Voted to support on Apr.28 Helene S. Mills Senior Facility
515 John Wesley Dobbs Ave
Atlanta GA 30312
Forrest Coley
Fourth Monday
N Voted to support on Apr.24 Little 5 Points Community Center
1083 Austin Avenue
Atlanta GA 30307
Jonathan MIller
Fourth Thursday
O Voted to support on Apr.22 Branham Recreation Center
2051 Delano Drive NE
Atlanta GA 30317
Earl Williamson
Fourth Tuesday
P Voted to support on Apr.7 Ben Hill Christian Church
4099 Sunset Drive SW
Atlanta GA 30331
Reginald Rushin
First Monday
Q Voted to support on Apr.17 Quality Living Services Senior Center
4001 Danforth Road
Atlanta GA 30331
Julius Robinson
Third Thursday
R Voted to support on Apr.2 Andrew & Walter Young YMCA
2220 Campbellton Road SW
Atlanta GA 30311
Ray Abram
First Wednesday
S ZRB voted to support before meeting The Vicars
838 Cascade Road SW
Atlanta GA 30311
Karen Babino
Third Thursday
T Voted to support on Apr.9 Empire Board of Realists
686 Joseph E. Lowery SW
Atlanta GA 30310
Claiborne White
Second Wednesday
V ZRB voted to support before meeting Location Varies Micah Rowland
Second Monday
W Voted to support on Mar.26 Martha Brown UMC
1205 Metropolitan Avenue
Atlanta GA 30316
Ed Gilgor
Fourth Wednesday
X Voted to support on Apr.14 Stewart Lakewood Library
2893 Lakewood Avenue
Atlanta GA 30315
Ruben Burney
Second Monday
Y Voted to support on Apr.21 John Birdine Facility
215 Lakewood Way SW
Atlanta GA 30315
Paul McMurray
Third Monday
Z Voted to support on Mar.24 Rosel Fann Recreation Center
365 Cleveland Avenue Se
Atlanta GA 30354
Anne E Phillips
Fourth Monday


*If you would like additional information about how you can support this ordinance, please contact